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We want this piece to teach you everything you need about the 82Lottery Agent system and give you great tips on making a great living in this field. In 82Lottery, agents can make up to 50,000 rupees a day on average, and depending on how well they do, they could make up to 1 lakh rupees a day. Let’s discuss the 82Lottery Agent system, the 82Lottery Invitation Code, and the 82Lottery App. We’ll talk about their perks and all the essential information you need to know to be successful.

82Lottery Agent System

The 82Lottery Agent system is a program that lets 82Lottery players make money by telling people about 82Lottery and its games. Agents get paid a bonus every time a new customer they send to the site puts money and plays any game on the app. One of the best things about the 82Lottery Agent method is that it can help you make a lot of money. The commission rate for 82Lottery agents varies from 25% to 40% based on how many sales they bring in.

You should remember that the 82Lottery agent system has six stages of subordination. Let’s say you invite person B. Person B will then be your first-level subordinate. Let’s say that person B invites person C to the program. Then, person C will be Person B’s first-level subordinate and your second-level subordinate (since you were the one who invited Person B). Let’s say that person C invites someone else; let’s call them D. After that, person D will be below person C on the first, below person B on the second, and below you on the third.

It means that each new member of your agency network comes from a referral and earns you a commission at a different level based on where they are in the hierarchy.

82lottery agent

Types of Commission

There are three ways for 82Lottery agents to get paid: Commission Rates, Commission Percentage, and TOP 20 Commission Ranking.

Commission Rates

The commission rates change every day based on your agency level. The number of downline payments you’ve made is based on how many teams you have. It is essential to know that Team payments are the sum of all the payments made by your downline in a single day. Your fee rate will likely increase with the number of teams you have.

Percentage of Commission

The percentage of commission you get depends on the level of your agency. The bonus percentage you can get goes up as your agency level goes up. It’s important to note that the payout rates for each type of game are different.

TOP 20 Commission Ranking

The TOP 20 Commission Ranking is a bonus given randomly to the twenty people who make the most commission. This bonus is in addition to the other commission payments, giving 82Lottery agents another reason to try to get the highest commission possible.

82Lottery Invitation Code

Knowing how the 82Lottery Invitation Code method works is essential to being a successful 82Lottery agent. When new players use an invitation code to bet on any game on the platform, they can get bonuses or other rewards. As an 82Lottery agent, you can give your friends a unique 82Lottery invitation code that will make them want to deposit and bet, which will help you make more money.

When you ask your friends to join 82Lottery, keep some things in mind. First, you need to share the unique invitation code that was given to you. This code is unique to your account and will ensure your friends become first-level employees. You can choose how your friends get your unique invitation code. They can get it by email, text, or other way. You can also ask your friends to enter your invitation code by hand when they sign up.

As soon as your friends sign up and make a deposit using your invitation code, you will get paid right away. The amount of the commission may change based on how the 82Lottery agent scheme is set up. Because of this, you should read through the program information carefully before inviting your friends. You can make extra money and open up the fun world of 82Lottery to your friends by becoming an 82Lottery agent. So feel free to give your friends your invitation code right now!

Get the 82Lottery App

You need to download the 82Lottery app before starting the Agency program. Here are the steps to download it.

First, go to the 82Lottery website and click on the button that says “Download 82Lottery App.” The 82Lottery app is available for iOS and Android devices. It’s easy to download and set up the app on your phone or computer.

After downloading the app, copy your 82Lottery invitation code. Your invitation code is different for each user and can be found in your account settings.

Once you have copied your invitation code, click the “Register” button to go to the page where you can sign up. You need to enter your information and invitation code on the next page. After signing up, you can use the app to check out its features. You can see how your agents are doing in the app. You can see how many registers, deposits, and how much each of your direct and team members has deposited. That’s the end of it! Get the 82Lottery app right now and start playing your favorite games.

The 82Lottery app lets you see the complete rebate ratio system, which has six levels and different commission rebates for each. The goal of this method was to reward loyal 82Lottery app game players who use them often. Other games have different rebate rates that depend on how many bets were made and how much they were worth. This means players can pick from various games and get different rebate rates. People who use this method can customize their game experience and increase their chances of winning.

There is a 0.7% commission rebate at the first lower level of Level 1. A commission rebate of 0.24% is given for the second lower level. The commission rebate at the third lower level is 0.085%. At the fourth level below, there is a 0.03% commission rebate. At the fifth level below, there is a 0.01% commission rebate. Lastly, the sixth level below offers a 0.0036% commission rebate.

There is a 0.75% commission rebate at the first lower level of Level 2 and a 0.28% rebate at the second lower level. The commission rebate at the third lower level is 0.1%, and the rebate at the fourth lower level is 0.039%. You can get a commission rebate of 0.0055% at the sixth level; at the fifth level, it’s only 0.014 %.

For rebate level 3, the commission rebates are split as follows: 0.8% for the first commission at the lower level, 0.34% for the second commission at the lower level, 0.12% for the third commission at the lower level, 0.051% for the fourth commission at the lower level, 0.02% for the fifth commission at the lower level, and 0.0081% for the sixth commission at the lower level.

For rebate level 4, the commission rebates are as follows: 0.85% for the first lower-level commission, 0.36% for the second lower-level commission, 0.15% for the third lower-level commission, 0.065% for the fourth lower-level commission, 0.027% for the fifth lower-level commission, and 0.011% for the sixth lower-level commission.

When you’re below level 5, the commission rebate for the first lower level is 0.9%. It falls to 0.4% for the second lowest amount. The rebate for the third lower level is 0.18%, and the rebate for the fourth lower level is 0.082%. There is a 0.036% rebate for the fifth lower level and a 0.016% rebate for the sixth lower level.

The commission rebate is 1% for the first level below level 6, 0.5% for the second down level, 0.25% for the third lower level, and 0.12% for the fourth lower level. In the same way, the fifth level lower gets a commission rebate of 0.062%, and the sixth level lower receives a rebate of 0.031%.


In conclusion, the 82Lottery Agent method can be an excellent way for people who want to make money online. The platform is a genuine online lottery, so it is easy to promote it. If you know the program and how it works, you can become a great 82Lottery agent and make much money.



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