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kerala lottery ticket online

Many people in the state of Kerala like to play the lottery. The government of Kerala runs the Kerala Lotteries, which are well-controlled and trustworthy. When they first came out, people started using computers to buy lottery tickets. 

Also, Kerala Lottery tickets were available online, and tens of thousands rushed to buy them. Most people, though, need to learn the exact steps to buy a Kerala lottery ticket online and then get it in the mail later. We’ll discuss the essential facts about the subject at hand here.

A Quick Look at Kerala’s Lotteries

Lottery workers work with a small group of people. They also use the mail to send it to the buyer. There are only two draws a week: on Wednesday and Saturday. So, the buyer needs to pay close attention and check often on these days. People who want to play the Kerala Lotteries can sign up on their official website and buy tickets from a licensed dealer. Once someone has signed up, they will be asked to pick their chosen number and pay with a debit or credit card. The Government of Kerala puts on this show every week.

Two games run by the state government are the Kerala State Games and the Trivandrum International Airport Limited Lotteries. Of the 49 possible numbers, only six are chosen. These six numbers are the winners. On the other hand, five of the seven winning numbers in TRIAL lotteries are drawn. People can use either of the two online ways to get the lottery to make their own decisions and start buying. 

kerala lottery ticket online

Different Ways to Buy Kerala Lottery Ticket Online

There are two ways to buy a Kerala Lottery ticket online. The first is to buy Kerala Lottery ticket online from Kerala Lotteries’ official website. At, you can see what tickets are available and how much they cost. Then, you can pick out a ticket and pay for it. 

The second way is to buy Kerala Lottery ticket online from a site that isn’t run by the state government but still sells them. Let’s learn more about the two ways to purchase Kerala Lottery ticket online.

First Method

The first way is to buy Kerala Lottery ticket online at, the official website of the Kerala Lottery. When you get to the website, click on the Lottery Tickets tab in the top menu bar. Then, click on the “Buy” button. It says “Buying online” at the bottom of the page. Sign up for an account on the website first. The website will get information like your name, phone number, and legal ID. 

After entering the information, a verification code will be sent to the registered mobile number. This code will help the website ensure that the person’s information is correct and that the number they entered is real. Online theft is more likely to happen, so the website needs all the important details to keep things running smoothly. 

Second Method

The second way is to buy lottery tickets from a third-party website. There are trustworthy sites like 82Lottery where you can buy Kerala Lottery ticket online.

Tickets are available in denominations of ₹100 and ₹1000. You can only buy five tickets in a single transaction. Each raffle draw guarantees a prize of ₹1 crore. In addition, there is a list of future lotteries and different choices, which helps people pick and bid. 

How do I get tickets in the mail? 

But people who can’t use online banking might need help when they try to buy Kerala Lottery ticket online. After buying Kerala Lottery ticket online from brokers, they pay by going to the bank closest to them and sending money. After making a bank payment, you can get the lottery tickets by mail at the address given. Write the correct address on the website to help the agents get it to the right spot. 

A certain amount has to be bought at least once. If each ticket costs less than ₹100, at least 12 must be purchased. Say each ticket costs more than ₹100, then a person only needs to buy ten tickets at the very least. The delivery fees are also different for each deal. If you spend less than 2000 rupees, the messenger will charge you 40 rupees. In the same way, other banks charge additional fees for transactions. If you pay less than 2000 rupees, you will be charged 50 rupees. 

With the help of the internet, it’s now easier to play the game and try your luck. Participants can get lottery tickets by paying a little extra. However, people still prefer to play the lottery in person because many think the online version is a scam because they don’t know enough about it. Before buying tickets online, ensure you have a bank account and a credit/debit card. Prepare the papers because you might be asked for them when you register.


Incomplete information or too little knowledge can be dangerous. To avoid losing money, you should read about how it works before bidding and buying tickets online. It is essential to carefully read the terms and conditions so that you don’t lose any money. 

Even though buying a Kerala lottery ticket online is easy, people who aren’t used to it may have problems. Learn how to use the website and buy tickets online with the help of an online source. Ensure that the website where you want to purchase the tickets is legit. To finish the deal, meet the websites’ minimum transactional standards. Do your research, read papers, and ask for help before you bid. 



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